Jason Leblanc

Jason LeBlanc, the Principal of Planworks Architecture Inc., boasts a robust career spanning over 20 years in the architectural domain. Early on, Jason showcased remarkable design acumen and project management capabilities, complemented by strong communication skills and a fervent passion for design. He has always been adept at conceptualizing buildings that cater to the needs of our clients and the broader community.

With a solid foundation in industrial, light industrial, commercial, and multifamily projects across Western Canada, Jason has been instrumental from the early planning and concept development through to the design phase. His comprehensive involvement ensures a seamless progression of projects, embodying the envisioned ideas while adhering to stipulated timelines and quality benchmarks.

Jason's proven leadership abilities are a cornerstone of our client-centric approach, ensuring a complete and fully collaborative experience that successfully fulfills the objectives and mission of each project. As a natural leader, Jason has the knack for bringing out the best in all team members involved in a design project, fostering an environment of innovation, teamwork, and excellence that propels the project toward its envisioned success.