Natalie Lima
Interior Designer, DID

Renowned for her meticulous attention to detail, Natalie thrives in space planning, where she diligently transforms each client's vision into a perfectly assembled puzzle. Her organized enthusiasm for integrating architectural features and custom design enables her to craft spaces that are not only unique to each client's desires but also finely attuned to their needs. With a substantial tenure of over 15 years in Interior Design, Natalie has emerged as an industry stalwart, particularly in Dental and Medical Design.

Her pragmatic approach to design has garnered her numerous accolades and fostered enduring relationships within the industry. This ethos stems from her innate desire to impart her accumulated knowledge, experience, and fervour to budding designers within her organization through dedicated mentorship and coaching. Nothing is more rewarding for Natalie than kindling a similar passion in those she mentors.

Having cultivated multiple robust relationships within the industry, Natalie stands out as an all-rounded professional. Her prowess comes to the fore during contract administration phases, where she collaboratively engages with the construction team, wielding her designer's eye to ensure that the client remains at the forefront, uncompromised throughout the project.